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Logo designed by Christon Stewart - Metro Deroit Graphic Designer

Manifest Thirty-One, LLC  mission is to connect people with mental health and wellness professionals and resources needed, while promoting awareness through advocacy and education.

We're proud to provide a diverse, inclusive platform for those seeking healing and resources. We know that this is seldom an easy journey, which is why we are dedicated to a supportive environment that promotes resilience and growth through mental health and wellness.

Vision: Is to equip people with the skills and information needed to confidently make the decision to

 heal, so they can manifest and sustain the desired aspirations for their life and generations that follow.

















Motto: Don't stop or give up...Cont;nue!


Behind   The  Name

Regardless of your mental health or wellness challenges 

you are worth and capable of manifesting!


Project Semicolon is a nonprofit organization that was originally founded by Amy Bleuel. It is known for its advocacy of mental health wellness and its focus as an anti-suicide initiative. The movement's aim is to present hope and love to those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, and self-injury. The Semicolon tattoo (;) is seen as a form of solidarity between people dealing with mental illness or the death of someone from suicide.


Clear or Obvious to the eye or mind.


The ability, confidence and empowerment to move forward in accomplishing your mission. 31 meaning reveals that it is time to release doubt and manifest dreams. Fear of failure will not cloud your judgment.

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