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Hello, I am Tay Ford 


a devoted mother, daughter, sister, friend and also a LLPC, Limited License Counselor,  I've had the amazing opportunity to pursue my education and receive my Bachelors in Communication, Masters in Philanthropy, Counseling and Certificate in Diversity and Inclusion. Even with these experiences and titles, I am also a person who wore many masks which included shame, guilt, and doubt of not only my worth but my purpose. As I am writing this, I sit here bravely and boldly pushing past the many adversities I faced, manifesting a better life for not only myself, my son but generations connected.

I was inspired to create Manifest Thirty-One through my own struggles with mental health, grief, and loss, while adapting to change. During all of this I tried my best to present as “normal”, focusing on my goals and maintaining my responsibilities, yet I was battling within.


Through the journey of reflecting, processing, and healing with God, a never-ending journey.  It was placed on my heart to create a platform that encourages others to know that working on your mental health and wellbeing is nothing to be ashamed of.  M31 is a safe place that empowers you to make the choice to heal, so you can manifest and sustain those aspirations for your life and generations that follow.


Manifest Thirty-One stands on the guiding principles of clarity and confidence to connect people to resources and information that is already in our communities. It can become overwhelming researching quality mental health and wellness information that best fit your needs. M31 fosters a collective platform that raises awareness and advocacy to support in breaking down the stigma of mental health and wellness.


One’s story is not over when facing life obstacles and challenges. We all have the ability to grow and endure through our manifestation journey. I no longer wear masks to hide who I am because I've learned all of me is the BEST of me.


Don’t stop or start over… CONT;NUE,

Tay Ford 

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