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Black Men Will Rise

Hello! My name is Tay Ford, Founder of Manifest Thirty-One and I am excited to share the mission of Black Men Will Rise - Michigan with you!

Black Men Will Rise is an initiative of Manifest Thirty-One, a Mental Health and Wellness platform. Our hope is to provide a resource space to celebrate, uplift, connect and encourage black males in Metro Detroit and surrounding cities within Michigan.

Through our website and social media page individuals will be able to connect to an inclusive listing of resources in the community.


This includes but not limited to:

* Nonprofits in Michigan that support black male youth and adults * Community Resources * Mental Health/ Wellness * Social Events * Recognition of Black Male Change Makers and Authors in Michigan.

It is our hope that together we can support in the continued RISE of Black Men!

If you have additional information or resources that support Black Males in the community that can be added, please email

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